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Hyundai of Jacksonville

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Ever since he was little, Kyle has had a knack for being able to identify vehicles.  It was always the 4 wheels that made them stand out against those two-legged pedestrians 😉    With 42 years of experience under his belt, he brings his creativity to the booth in providing top quality VO for all brands/makes/models and .. yep.. even different numbered wheeled vehicles!


” In my extensive 45-year career as an audio engineer, director and producer, I have been privileged to speak highly of a distinguished group of talented individuals with whom I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating. Without any hesitation, I proudly include Kyle Snyder in this exclusive circle.

Kyle and I have worked together on numerous projects, and without fail, he consistently brings his absolute best to every session, every time. Kyle’s ability to stay current and authentic is remarkable, complementing any given direction.

In addition, Kyle operates his own state-of-the-art studio and delivers pristine audio files on time. Kyle’s technical expertise ensures that every recording meets the highest standards of quality. With his top-notch professionalism during sessions, working with him is always a breeze. His warmth and genuine passion are as impressive as his performances. Kyle possesses that exceptional quality that sets him apart.
Do your clients a favor. Hire Kyle! “

Cliff A. Zellman
972-934-9319 | 214-893-2839

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