Living in BC Canada might often be taken for granted; being surrounded by stunning scenery every day is not something everyone can enjoy. I am super thankful to live here!

I have lived in the Lower Mainland of BC for my entire life. The journey to becoming a professional voice over artist has had subtle in-roads throughout my life. I loved acting as a child and was involved as a lead in the school play when I was 8. Fast-forward to high school and I joined and excelled on the debate team, winning best speaker in local competitions.

I am a classically trained pianist having completed my Gr.10 RCM examination. I started my ARCT requisites later in life, but the needs of family life and having 4 children took priority.

The musical training has been invaluable in transitioning into voice over! There is a lot of overlap in some of the skills. Being an “active listener” means that I hear and pick up on the nuances of a voice over performance as I’m doing it. I’ll hear the little clicks, a slightly mispronounced word, and I’ll even analyze my performance while I’m performing; the years of learning to do that with a piano are such an asset. This is a benefit to you as it means better cold reads, and quicker turn around on scripts that actually meet your requirements.

After a year of University at UBC in general sciences, I took a break from studies and got into the construction field. 20 years later, I have since run a small roofing company, been a project manager and safety trainer at another roofing company, trained in insurance claims and restorations, and eventually transitioned into a General Contractor.

Being able to run a small business means that you get to benefit from the professional service and attention to detail that comes with a business owner. Being a voice over artist is more than just talking into a mic! Voice over artists are business owners, and we value our relationships with our clients.

In my late 20’s, I considered switching careers and took some more University courses. This time in Neuropsychology and Sociology. While I thoroughly enjoyed those subjects and would have loved to continue learning about the brain and psychology, I also realized that the career opportunities for me might not fit with my personality long term.
I love learning and growing and always dive into new ideas and concepts to learn as much as I can about them. When it came to transitioning into a voice over career, I have put everything into it to learn all aspects of the industry. There will always be more to learn and grow in, and you can rest assured I’ll never stop putting in the effort to learn all that I can.

Since beginning my career in Voice Over I have consistently recorded audiobooks for numerous authors and publishers. I am a principal character for a children’s podcast called Detective Dexter. I’ve done a movie trailer promo for a local film company, numerous other spots for various clients, event announcements, podcast promos, youtube channels and the list goes on.

When I’m not recording, you’ll find me coordinating life with my wife and four children (10, 8, 6, and 4) that we homeschool.